Feb. 10th, 2013 at Wharton Center 独在异乡为异客,每逢佳节倍思亲。中国春节是我们最重要的传统节日。每逢春节,家家户户贴春联,放鞭炮,与亲人们欢聚一堂。然而此时,此刻,此地,虽然我们与温暖的家隔海相望,却有由CSSA和CUSA联手为大伙精心打造的春节联欢晚会与大家共度新春!今年,你和我们一起过年了吗?

The spring festival is the most important time in a year for all the Chinese people. Everytime during the festival, families get together. People put up special scrolls onto their front doors. And the fire works even make the time more exciting. However, the Asian students here in MSU, separarted from their hometown by a great distance, can not enjoy the warming and joyful atmosphere. In the case, CSSA and CUSA are co-opearating. We are more than happy to make the atmophere in MSU more like home. So, in 2013, are you celebrating this special time with us?


伴随着耳熟能详的中国传统民乐——春节序曲。MSU春晚来WHARTON CENTER拉开了序幕。 二胡,古筝,柳琴,只要是您能想的到的中国传统乐器,都在这个舞台上齐齐绽放,为您带来非一般的视听盛宴。一曲行如流水的浏阳河,领着我们走进那悠扬的领地。

Started with Chinese traditional music piece, LiuYang River, MSU Chinese Spring Festival Gala began in Whaton Center.



Have you ever seen the music comedy show? Here on the MSU spring Festival Gala, this beautiful pianoist really cracked up her audiances with the amazing skills.


光有传统的旋律那是必然不够的,动感的街舞必然是年轻人的最爱。富有情绪感染力轻松活泼的Locking, 美感与高难度相结合的Breaking, 性感妖娆又帅气的New Jazz,悠扬的伦巴甚至还有甄嬛的必杀器惊鸿舞,与火遍全球的骑马舞。一切的一切,都在春晚的舞台上,为您精彩呈现

The street dancing brought more diverse into our show. Our young dancers amazed everybody in the room with their proformance in all schools of dance. Breaking, New Jazz, Rumba and evern the Gangnam-dance were present on this stage.



The Chinese friends from University of Michigan proformed Chinese traditional acrobaticsca called Chinese yo-yo. The audience reached their jubilant climax during their breath-taking proformance.


异地恋永远是留学生的话题。信任,包容,理解,这一切都随着距离的增加而放大。观众席上,有人被演员的精彩演出逗的笑的直不起腰,有的被主人公的爱情故事打动而暗自落泪。 一台讲述异地恋的故事,半个小时,让您思,让您乐,让您念。

The long-distance relationship has always been a hot topic among all the Chinese students. The distance is seems like an amplifier making all the loving feeling more sensable during students’ stays in America. This comedy Drama movingly presented the conflict and impulse happens when a person trying to mantance or strength his or her relationship with the one who is thousands miles away. The reaction of the audience is also very interesting. Some enjoyed the show laughing into convulsions while some weeped.



Chinese writing art, tea art, Chinese chess and traditional music were combined into one. We were amazed again by our Chinese identity.




We really hope our work made your New Year more enjoyable. We wish you happy and good luck during the Snake year.